Make your summer dream come true without money

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Summer – the best time of year. At least in the opinion of most. Summer is the time when we can realize the dream vacation plans we have all year long. Have you always dreamed of owning a motorhome to travel around Finland? Stay in cities you’ve never been to before and drive miles and miles through our magnificent country. Or do you have a dream to travel abroad? Finally get to explore the exotic Caribbean islands or spend a surf holiday in Australia.

Costly affair

Costly affair

Vacationing is often a costly affair and can consume all year’s savings. Here Good Finance offers a solution, a Good loan, to help you avoid having to tighten your purse strings during the rest of the year after a summer vacation. A Good loan is a generic loan that can help you, for example, fulfill your dream of buying your own motorhome or finance your long dream trip abroad.

On vacation now or later


Summer vacations often involve going with the whole family. This may be the only time when everyone has just a moment together. The children hustle on their way and would like to be vented out of the rush of everyday life. planning a holiday essentially involves also taking into account the economic side. There are not always savings or you don’t want to spend them on so-called unnecessary things. We want to save our savings on sudden, unexpected expenses.

Traveling takes a big expense out of your budget, and saving on it and limiting other expenses is not always possible many months before your vacation. When vacation time is otherwise a good time during the summer holidays but you lack funding, a quick loan online can be a good option. Why would you postpone the fulfillment of your dreams when you can realize them this summer? The loan will help you with your travel expenses and you can only focus on the most important part of your vacation; relaxation and time with the people that matter most to you.

The right loan depends on your vacation plans

The right loan depends on your vacation plans

The purpose of your holiday and the activities in the destination will influence your travel budget. When planning, it is good to take into consideration the price level of the travel destination in terms of food, lodging, attractions and shopping. This way you avoid unpleasant surprises at your destination and choose the loan amount that suits you. Traveling within Finland and, for example, acquiring a motorhome for this purpose also affect the need for financing.

Buying a motorhome is also a process that you should not rush into. Examine the options thoroughly and choose the one that suits your needs. Some appreciate the car’s technical features, size and safety, while others appreciate its make and model. It is a good idea to arrange financing for the purchase of a car in advance. That way, you know your budget and can stretch it if needed. This will also make it easier to look at options and leave much more room for negotiation once the funding is in place in advance.

Once you have considered the best holiday plan of your options, it is time to start your journey at a practical level by booking airline tickets or heading to see the caravan offerings.

Borrow immediately into your account

Borrow immediately into your account

You can easily apply for Good Financein Good Loan by filling out a quick application through our website. With the application, you can get financing for your summer vacation right away without waiting days or weeks, and it only takes a while to complete the application. You can choose the repayment period of your choice between 1-10 years and the loan does not include opening fees or any other account management costs.

Money will be credited to your account quickly as we will take a loan decision within minutes. We will make new credit transfers between 7am and 11pm. You will be able to choose between $ 3,000 and $ 20,000 when you apply. A Good loan will help you fulfill your dream of a perfect vacation. Find out more about the Good loan here.

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